What is EPAS?

The European Parliament Ambassador School Programme (EPAS) aims at increasing students’ awareness of European parliamentary democracy, the role of the European Parliament and European values. It also encourages them to actively participate in EU democratic processes. It targets students with diverse educational, social and geographical backgrounds.

Learning Resources

Engaging, active, structured sessions about the EU, the European Parliament and how it affects the lives of young people in the UK and the EU.

Taking Action

Young people are challenged to run activities promoting discussion, debate and activism about the issues that affect them and the EU.

Accreditation and Support

There is a network of over 1,500 schools participating, across the EU (and soon the UK). You will be guided by Involver to complete your activities and gain EPAS accreditation.

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What participants say

Teachers and students from across the EU, who have participated in EPAS, explain why you should get involved...
Rosemary Morrissey

Rosemary Morrissey

St Mary's College, Ireland

"We in St Mary’s College are keen to encourage young people to become active citizens everywhere. Right now, my students are working on a debate for the Model Council of the EU. We twin with schools in other countries and we could do so with your schools when you are up and running!"

Viki Malcolm

Viki Malcolm

The King's Hospital School, Ireland

"EPAS is a game changer for my students. Through taking part in EPAS they are actively involved in democracy and so much more likely to be committed active citizens once they leave school. They gain in confidence and, most importantly for me, they learn to stand up for and defend what they believe in."

Dervilla Casey

Dervilla Casey

Summerhill College, Ireland

"Taking part in the EPAS programme has only reinforced and given me a greater appreciation as to how important the EU values of solidarity, unity and diversity are in today's world of ever increasing uncertainty. "


The latest news from our EPAS members

Setting up a debate

There is very little to do with the European Parliament, the EU, and the UK’s relations with it that is cut and dried. There is room for discussion and debate on all of it. One Read more…

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