European Parliament Ambassador Schools

Learning, teaching and sharing the EU’s values in the UK

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How do you teach about the EU?

The EU will always have an impact on the lives of everyone in the UK.

Your students need to understand how that works, and what they can do to influence it.

In this free, online CPD we will:

  • Share engaging resources and lesson plans
  • Suggest creative methods for engaging your students
  • Explain how your school/college can get accreditation from the European Parliament through EPAS
  • Tell you about opportunities for further free training

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What is EPAS?

A network of over 1,600 schools across the EU – and now the UK – set up and supported by the European Parliament. EPAS schools and colleges engage young people in taking action on the issues that matter to them and are accredited by the European Parliament for doing so.


Schools and colleges that participate in the scheme will gain accreditation from the European Parliament, with a plaque and logos to use.

Schools and colleges have a year to carry out a series of activities related to the European Parliament, the EU and its member states.

Training and networking

Free teachers’ seminars in the UK, Brussels and Strasbourg.

For students: participation in Euroscola and the European Youth Event in Strasbourg.

Support from Involver, the European Parliament Liaison Office and your peers throughout the year.

Students taking the lead

We help you to recruit and train a team of Junior Ambassadors to set up and run activities and events for their peers.

They will learn skills for life: project planning, teamwork, communication and marketing.

Curriculum links?

Of course!

The names of the subjects will differ depending on where you are in the UK, but there are opportunities in languages, politics, food tech, history, geogrpahy as well as all kinds of extra-curricular activites.

Here are just a few examples from our pilot.

Sounds good?

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