What age group are you targeting?

14-18 year olds.

Will UK schools be allowed to participate in EU-funded schemes?

The EU has agreed that most schemes for students and teachers – such as EuroScola – will be open to UK schools. Erasmus+ in not available to UK schools anymore; but UK schools may be involved in Erasmus+ schemes if partnering with schools from two or more EU countries. There is some possibility of funding from the UK Government’s Turing Scheme, but this is only for one-way mobility (i.e. for UK students going overseas). It is also currently only funded for this year.

How many students would you suggest are involved as Junior Ambassadors?

We suggest teams of 3-5 run each activity, in this way no one student is overwhelmed and lots have the chance to participate. A school might run 6-12 events of varying sizes over the course of the year to gain accreditation.

Are there resources that can be shared with Ambassadors?

Yes, theses are here: Learning resources

We will add to these as the scheme develops.

What does accreditation and certification look like for students?

In other countries running EPAS students are issued with Certificates of Participation, signed by senior members of the European Parliament. We have flexibility to design what works for students in the UK. This will also tie in to things like the ‘volunteering’ and ‘service’ aspects of Duke of Edinburgh Scheme and International Baccalaureate CAS respectively.

In Ireland, schools have invited the students active in EPAS to participate in inter-school events, with prizes including trips to Brussels – the EPLO may help with funding such events.

Can countries from outside the UK participate?

EPAS is run in every country in the EU + the UK. We just support UK schools that are participating. If your school would like to participate, but you’re not in the UK, find your local EPLO office and ask them about how to get involved where you are.

If you have any other questions, please ask them in the comment box below.


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