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20 students and 2 teachers attended the Euroscola conference on 24 November 2023 on the theme of cyber security (innovation lab) and EU democracy and elections (final simulation exercise and debate). As part of the event, students completed a project booklet and task, including a challenge to connect with students from all 26 countries, to learn phrases in five languages and to complete a reflection on a theme of their choice.

Students travelled sustainably on public transport and the Eurostar, working overland from Lille through a five-day cultural programme, including team challenges, museum visits and sightseeing.

In a highly structured programme, students worked in new groups to develop soft skills around employability: communication, leadership and teamwork, initiative, independence, creativity and international awareness.

In addition to the Euroscola conference, we arranged for a private reception with the UK permanent representatives to the Council of Europe, with a two hour private talk and question and answer session, where students learned about diplomacy, the rule of law, EU and UK relationships and the influence of the ex-Eastern bloc.

Cherwell produced this fantastic resource to help their students get the most out of their Euroscola experience, they have shared it here for you to use (Word format):

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