There is a clear path to becoming an accredited European Parliament Ambassador School (EPAS). Follow the simple steps below and ask if you need any help.


Senior Ambassadors

The lead member of staff in an EPAS school or college; their primary role is to recruit Junior Ambassadors.

Junior Ambassadors

Learners who will carry out most of the activities to enable your school/college to become EPAS accredited.

We suggest that a small group of Junior Ambassadors become a Communication Team (2-4 members). Their role is to write up, take photos and make videos of all of your EPAS activities and upload them to your website and social media channels. In so doing, they will spur on the activities of the rest of the Junior Ambassadors.

Other Junior Ambassadors should be in small Action Teams (of 2-4 people), with each Action Team running one or two activities. In this way you can have lots of people involved, without any of them buring out.


EPAS accreditation should be completed within one academic year. We bring one cohort thorugh per year, so we can support you and you can get support from other schools and colleges going through the same process.

Step Example activity Carried out by
Introductory seminar Senior Ambassador(s) attend an introductory seminar, run by Involver and the EPLO. Staff member (who becomes a Senior Ambassador)
Autumn Term (November/ December)
Recruit Junior Ambassadors Use Sessions 1, 2, 3 or 4 from the Learning Resources in Citizenship, History, Social Studies or Politics lessons; offer the opportunity to those who seem interested to become Junior Ambassadors. Senior Ambassador, other interested teachers
Set up and maintain EPAS social media channels Set up a dedicated EPAS social media channel; share information of your school/college’s EPAS activities. Junior Ambassadors (with support from school/college IT team)
Organise an event or activity A European Christmas Fair, sharing Christmas traditions and greetings from across the EU. Junior Ambassadors
Spring Term
Use learning resources to organise an event or activity Run a debate on the EU using Session 5 from the Learning Resources.
Use Session 6 to run a European Parliament role play game.
Junior Ambassadors
Establish an EP/EU Info Point Create a section on the school/college website and/or social media linking to EP/EU information and materials.
Set up a physical display where EP/EU materials are shared.
Junior Ambassadors
Organise events and activities Host a LUX Prize cinema screening. Junior Ambassadors
Summer Term
Organise an event for Europe Day (9th May) Online meeting with students from other school(s) around Europe.
Organise for an MEP (or former MEP) to give a talk.
Junior Ambassadors
Feedback on the scheme A cross-section of the school community fills out an online survey to see what they have learnt from being part of an EP Ambassador School Involver
Awards Schools that have uploaded links to evidence of all of their activities will be accredited as a European Ambassador School and will receive a plaque and logo to use. Involver and the European Parliament Liaison Office (EPLO) in the UK


Assessment is primarily carried out through this website. All you need to do is:

  1. Take some photos, a video or write up the activity you have run in your school or college.
  2. Add these to your social media channels (e.g. Twitter, Instgram, Facebook) or school website.
  3. Copy the link and post it on your dashboard.
  4. We’ll check it an approve it as part of your evidence. (With your permission, we’ll repost it here and on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook).

Each school or college going for EPAS accreditation has a private dashboard on this website showing exacty where they are in the process: what they’ve done and what they still need to provide evidence for.